So in 9th grade him and I were like in ‘love’ and like hung out everyday he walked me home from school. Then that school year I got really bullied in school this girls had a plan to kill me and I got death threats in my locker. So I started to drink and cut myself to forgot about life. So he basically started to like abuse my sadness and told me like drink more so I would do things like have sex and send naked pictures. Well I sent him one and he basically blackmailed me with them. Saying if I didn’t do certain things he would break up with me and post the pictures. In 10th grade we still dated but my depression got worse my friend stopped hanging out with me cause I’ll i did was drink. So the the boyfriend started hitting me and stuff. He would get me black out drunk and leave me. It got wicked bad. So may of 10th grade before school I told way to many pills and pasted out in school. So during the summer he met a new girl and basically left me.